Personalized Monologues


from GiTMO T.I.T.M.O. --produced by Excursions Limited directed by Norman Stewart
                                                                                    MUSTER INT OR EXT
Colonel is briefing a group of men and women, mostly in black outfits, some in military garb.  They are sitting and standing around listening to briefing.  They are dishevelled and obviously just called out of bed or from whatever they were doing

Good Day.  No time for chit-chat.
We knew it would happen sometime.  Unofficial reports are that we’ve already been hit by one plutonium vapor bomb -- that’s on the hush-hush so far.  Need to know only -- no calling your husbands, wives and children on this one.  There are over two dozen more of these monsters, strategically placed around the country.  We’ve got less than 3 days to find them. This is NOT a drill. Our intel is that the perpetrators are domestic traitors and imbedded terrorists and that several lunatic fringe groups have gotten together to bring down the US Government.  This is a grey-black operation.  Most of the citizens you are going to be detaining and questioning are the worst of the worst and the craziest of the crazies.  Far right wing Nazi types working with far left wing Black Power freaks, fringe suicide Muslims working with apocalypse Christian nut-jobs.  We’re tearing up the rule-book, here.  Martial law is likely to be declared in the next day or so and Federal Emergency Management Measures will be implemented.  It is our job to QUIETLY capture and get all possible information from the women whom our intel suggests are the couriers of communications back and forth between the various weirdo groups who did this.  We must find out whatever we can AT ALL COST!  Approvals for enhanced methods and suspension of the constitution come from the top.  And the future of our country and free world is in your hands.  I realize most of you aren’t trained in interrogation techniques or even military police functions, but you’re all we have in this sector and so it is being left to you to find out where the bombs and leaders of this insurgency are and what information their women have been carrying.  These are NOT your mothers and sisters.  These are NOT American citizens, worthy of your care and respect.  These are domestic terrorists and murderers of military personnel.  You MUST get the information from them at ANY cost.  Do you understand?


Do you understand?

Yes, Sir.

We have military personnel, black ops and civilian contractors working together on this one.  He or She who yells the loudest is the person in command.  Let’s not get bogged down with formalities.  Getting these slimeballs to talk is ALL that matters.  This comes from the very, very top of the chain of command.  I’m going to give you flash drives with the information we have on the terrorists you need to pick up. Some of you will be working alone and some in groups.  This is your time to do your duty. To save our republic and our democratic way of life. God bless America.  Dismissed!
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